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Teen deported for having consensual sex with 15-year-old in UAE

Lebanese teenager deported for having consensual sex with Emirati schoolgirl

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Dubai: A Lebanese teenager has been deported to his home country after a court convicted him and an Emirati teenager of having consensual sex.

The Dubai Juveniles Court recently found the 17-year-old Lebanese boy and 15-year-old Emirati girl guilty of having consensual sex. The court decided to reprimand the pair and hand them over to their parents.

However sources close to the case told Gulf News that the boy had been deported back to his country.

Prosecutors charged the Emirati girl with allowing the boy to have sex with her.

Meanwhile the 17-year-old boy was charged with having consensual sex with the girl and driving a car without a licence.

According to court records, the girl's 36-year-old mother reported a problem in their house in Al Warqa, to the police.

The mother claimed during police questioning, that she noticed around 5am that her teenage daughter, a schoolgirl, had not returned home.

"My husband and I decided to monitor the house. Then my daughter came home along with a strange person in his car ... we prevented him from driving away," the mother said.

Police later summoned the two teenagers to Al Rashidiya Police Station for questioning.

Records said the girl admitted to having sex with the boy, a pupil, for two months.

The boy confessed that he had consensual sex with the girl a number of times, but he disagreed with her claims that she had become a woman after she slept with him.

The girl was sent to the Dubai Police's forensic medicine for examination. The forensic doctor confirmed that she had had recent sexual activity.

The couple pleaded guilty when they appeared in court.