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Suicide a complex behavioural phenomenon

Depression due to financial or sentimental problems can lead to suicide

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Suicide is a highly complex behavioural phenomenon that varies person to person, said Dr Riaz Ahmad Minhas, a specialist doctor at Emirates Clinic and Medical Services Centre in Al Ain.

Why people commit suicide? It is the most perplexing question and difficult to understand. “In most of the cases, such people go deep into depression due to different reasons such as financial or sentimental problems,” he said.

He said such people disregard the good things in life and possibility of happiness or success in their future life. People who usually commit suicide are placed into the categories of depressed, psychotic, or manipulative.

Dr Minhas said some times brain disease, medication reactions, or severe thyroid problems can also lead someone to feel bizarrely suicidal. “This necessitates proper and timely diagnosis to prevent any such act,” he noted.

People who live with depressed persons can play an important role once they notice any behavioural change. In most of the cases the person who considers suicide seeks an escape route from problems, grief and pain. Psychological counselling, proper medical treatment, and support from friends help to reduce a persons’ depression and pain and can produce good results in saving precious human lives.

He said there are communities known for high suicide rate in different countries of the world. Authorities and welfare organisations are running helplines to comfort people contemplating such an attempt.