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Student beats drug enforcement officers, tries to unleash giant dogs against them

Suspect missed trial

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Dubai: A student has been accused of beating two drug enforcement officers and trying to unleash his giant dogs from their cage when they tried to arrest him.

Prosecutors accused the 26-year-old Iranian student, M.D., of assaulting the Emirati drug enforcement officers, G.S. and A.S., while they tried to arrest him over drug charges.

“He resisted us fiercely and tried to prevent us from restraining him. He also ran towards the cage in the garden of his villa and tried to open the door and unleash the dogs against us,” S.G. claimed to prosecutors.

The defendant M.D. did not enter a plea as he failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance where he was scheduled to be prosecuted on Tuesday.

One of the allegedly assaulted officers, S.G., testified that the incident happened when a drug enforcement police team was dispatched to arrest the defendant from his residence in Al Qusais.

“My superior instructed me to go along with A.S. to detain M.D. who was wanted for possessing and consuming drugs. An informant alarmed the anti-narcotics department that the suspect possessed and consumed drugs. We reached the entrance of his villa. As soon as he spotted us coming, he rushed towards the cage wanting to unleash two giant dogs to attack us. Then he ran quickly wanting to jump over the walls after he failed to open the cage. We jumped behind him and chased him down… he refused to comply and stop absconding. But we managed to restrain him and handcuffed him. A.S. and I went to the hospital after M.D. assaulted us,” claimed S.G.

A.S. claimed to prosecutors that M.D. injured him and S.G. when he resisted and refused to be handcuffed.

Medical reports confirmed that the assaulted drug officers sustained bruises and minor injuries.

The trial continues.