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Sharjah Police find stolen car with baby inside

Police after a two-hour search find stolen car with baby unharmed

Image Credit: Mohammad Hashim

Sharjah: Sharjah Police after a two-hour search on Monday found a stolen car with a baby inside the vehicle.

The car was found in a sandy area in Al Qassimiyah area in Sharjah and the baby was unharmed, the police said.

The vehicle, which was left unattended with its engine on, was stolen around 8pm on Monday from Al Qassimiyah area in Sharjah, the police said. The three-year-old Afghan child was inside the vehicle when it was stolen.

Sharjah Police urged people to help find the vehicle through social media. The police finally found the vehicle with the child inside it after a two-hour search. 



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Well done, excellent work. Proud of Sharjah authorities

Arif ahmad

25 June 2013 17:04jump to comments