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Pakistani expatriate in Ajman missing since April

The father of two had not been paid for three months

Image Credit: Courtesy: Family
Safeer Ahmad
Gulf News

Ajman: Police are searching for a man who has been missing since April when he left his room for dinner and never came back.

Police say that the 34-year-old Pakistani man, identified as Safeer Ahmad Mohammad Miskeen, went missing from his home in Ajman in industrial area 1 after going out for dinner.

Police said Miskeen’s family reported him as missing to Al Nuamiya police station one day after he went missing.

The missing man’s uncle, Mohammad Shabbir, told Gulf News that his nephew went missing on April 24 after he went for his dinner at 10pm.

“My nephew went to have his dinner with his friend in a nearby restaurant in the industrial area where he lives and he never came back,” he said.

Shabbir said that his nephew was depressed because he had not been paid for three months.

“My nephew worked for a private company in Ajman and Sharjah and they did not pay his salary for three months before he went missing,” he said.

Shabbir said his nephew has been living here since 2004.

“The company contacted me a few days after he disappeared asking about his whereabouts and if he came to me,” he said.

He said that 15 days after Miskeen went missing the company where he works filed a missing report against him.

“I was really worried and I called my nephew’s mobile which was switched off and till now his mobile phone is switched off,” he said.

The uncle said that he had contacted all Miskeen’s friends here and in Pakistan.

“I contacted my family back home and I contacted his friends back home and in the UAE but no one has seen him,” he said.

Miskeen is married and the father of a six-year-old daughter and a son who is almost three-years-old, who live in Pakistan.

“I called my nephew’s wife back home in Haripur in Pakistan who is very worried because she did not hear from him in a long time,” he said.

He said his nephew left all his belongings in his room.

He said it was strange that police were slow in their searching for a missing person.

“I went to the police station several times to get their update about my nephew and each and every time police say that they will call me back and no one has called me yet,” he said.

Shabbir has urged the police to do something and to put more efforts to find his nephew.