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Man accused of killing wife out of jealousy

The suspect reportedly killed his Japanese wife when she wanted to break up with him

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Dubai: A martial arts expert has been accused of murdering his wife in a fit of jealousy.

The 29-year-old Tunisian man, I.S., was said to have killed M.R. by “applying his skills in martial arts and pressing his fingers around her neck in a technical way, then killing her”.

Prosecution records said Dubai Police’s forensic examiner initially stated the woman’s death was due to natural causes before the autopsy confirmed a week later that she had been murdered.

The defendant pleaded not guilty when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the charge sheet prosecutors said the defendant killed the Japanese woman as soon as he learnt she intended to break up with him.

An Emirati lieutenant testified that the defendant first told the police that he discovered his wife’s body in their flat in Al Nahda on April 25, 2012.

“Forensic examiners claimed in the beginning that the Japanese died of natural causes. A week later we were informed that she was strangled. During questioning, I.S. claimed that she was his wife and that they had been living together for six months. The alleged husband claimed that he left the house early in the morning and discovered M.R.’s body in the bathroom when he returned around 7pm. He claimed that he poured water on her and tried to resuscitate her but he couldn’t. He also alleged that their relationship was perfect and they loved each other… and that when he left the flat that day she was laughing. Several police interrogators questioned the Tunisian and he constantly gave an inconsistent statements.

“When M.R.’s mother arrived from Japan, she claimed to the police that her daughter complained that I.S. had become abusive and unbearable in the last few months. The mother said her daughter had planned to break up with the defendant for different reasons. Meanwhile the victim’s sister confirmed that M.R. revealed to her that the couple were not on good terms. A friend of the victim testified that I.S. tried to strangle M.R. once. Upon confronting the suspect with the witnesses’ statements, he admitted that they had disputes during the last days,” said the lieutenant.

Prosecution records said police seized Dh14,000 and several electronic devices from the defendant’s car that were hidden in the back seat.

Records said the Tunisian admitted that the seized money and devices belonged to the victim.

An Emirati policeman testified: “Her mother confirmed that her daughter wanted to break up with I.S. due to many differences such as education, money, jealousy and others. Her sister claimed that they were not officially married and her sister M.R. obtained a forged marriage contract from Japan.”

A Brazilian air hostess (the victim’s former roommate) testified that M.R. was on bad terms with the suspect because she wanted to break up with him.

The trial continues.