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Georgian visitor arrested at airport hiding stolen jewellery in his bicycle before leaving Dubai

Defendant confessed that he stole from several flats in Dubai

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Dubai: A Georgian visitor has confessed that he robbed from several flats Dh320,000 worth of jewellery that were hidden in his bicycle when he tried to travel out of Dubai.

Prosecutors accused the 34-year-old visitor, A.J., and two suspects, who remain at large, of breaking and entering a number of flats across different areas in Dubai and stealing different kinds of jewellery worth nearly Dh320,000.

“Yes I admit that I broke in to the flat and stole jewellery and other valuables… but I am not sure of the value of the stolen items,” argued A.J. when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the accusation sheet, the defendant and the two runaways used a screwdriver and a knife to force their way into a flat in Al Rifaa Area. Then they were said to have stolen 55 bullions, 28 golden bracelets, 12 earrings, 4 necklaces, 13 pendants, three rings and four jewellery sets that belonged to an Asian lady.

An Emirati policeman testified that the suspect was arrested when the jewels were found stuffed in his bicycle while he tried to leave through Dubai International Airport.

“The visitor admitted that he and two of his countrymen broke in to a number of unoccupied flats and stole gold and jewellery. The last robbery happened in the Grand Souq Area, claimed the defendant. A.J. claimed that they rented a car and drove around the streets of Dubai. He alleged that they chose buildings that were relatively easy to rob. He claimed that during the last burglary they broke the flat door with a knife and a screwdriver… A.J. kept the jewellery at his residence for six days before he handed over the part of the stolen items to his countrymen to sell them in Georgia,” claimed the policeman.

The defendant also confessed to his charges during prosecution and police questioning.

A judgment is expected on November 26.