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Dubai visitor claims drunkenness led to prank

Defendant blames it all on consumption of liquor

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Dubai: A visitor claimed in court on Sunday that he was very drunk when he joked with a young student and poured water on her doorstep but he denied molesting her.

“I had a very funny feeling inside me when I got drunk. I wanted to joke with the woman [a 19-year-old Bangladeshi student]… I picked up the bucket and poured water on her doorstep. When she opened the door and saw me, she started shouting. I hushed her and pushed her inside,” said the 30-year-old Indian visitor, R.M., when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Prosecutors charged R.M. with threatening to kill the student if she reported him to the police.

According to the charge sheet, the defendant was also charged with molesting the student when he tapped her shoulder and beat her.

The suspect was also said to have trespassed into the woman’s room and consumed liquor.

“Why did you enter her room and beat her?” presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the defendant.

“There were no marks of a beating on her body. I did not trespass into her room… but she asked me to come inside and wait. I consumed alcohol and was in the common area in the villa. After I poured the water, she opened her door. She screamed. I closed her mouth. I walked into her room because she asked me to wait. I have never committed a crime… had I not consumed alcohol, none of that would have happened,” replied R.M.

The 19-year-old testified that the incident happened when she spotted water leaking into her bedroom from outside on February 5.

“I live in a shared accommodation… I opened the door immediately to check where the water was coming from. The defendant took me by surprise and forced his way into my residence. He gagged me and pushed me over the bed. I tried to shout, but he slapped me repeatedly. Then he threatened to kill me. He held my hand and then drew it near to his chest. He told me that he was drunk and tapped my shoulder,” claimed the student.

Records said the student went to her father who informed the police.

A Sudanese policeman testified that the girl was bleeding and crying when he went to question the suspect at the villa where the incident happened.

A judgement will be heard on March 27.