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Cyber criminals lure men into ‘sex traps’

Abu Dhabi Police warn people not to fall victim to online blackmail schemes

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Abu Dhabi: Cyber criminals are luring men to have sex chats online, which are recorded to blackmail them later to fleece money, Abu Dhabi Police revealed on Saturday.

An international gang uses obscene video clips and a dubbed female voice to lure men online and encourage them to perform indecent activities while using a webcam.

The criminals take the pictures and record the men’s indecent activities with a web camera and later threaten to post them online, a police press release said. 

The gang will demand money to not post these videos online and the victims end up paying huge amounts to avoid being defamed. Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammad Bourscheid, Director of Criminal Investigation at Abu Dhabi Police, warned the people not to fall prey to such cyber criminals.

Abu Dhabi Police received a number of complaints from victims. The gang targets young men chatting on e-applications or social networking sites such as Skype. The victims are prompted to remove their clothes during the sex  chat, which is recorded and then used to blackmail the victims into sending money to their bank accounts abroad.

Colonel Bourscheid said the gang targeted many men in the Gulf states. He warned not to trust strangers seen online nor respond to suspicious e-mails.