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Court awards labourer Dh6,000 in unpaid wages

Former employer ordered to pay Dh6,000 unpaid salaries

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Dubai: A labourer is to get Dh6,000 in unpaid wages thanks to the vigilance of Dubai Civil Prosecution after it lodged an exceptional appeal on his behalf.

The labourer lodged a case against his former employer seeking Dh8,000 in unpaid wages and end-of-service benefits before the Dubai Civil Partial Court, which looks into labour claims that are less than Dh10,000.

The Civil Partial Court ruled in the labourer’s favour and ordered the former employer to pay him Dh6,000. However the employer appealed the primary verdict before the Appeal Court that overruled the primary judgment. The Appeal Court ordered the employer to pay the labourer Dh2,600 only.

Considering the appellate judgment as unlawful and against the UAE’s Civil Procedures Laws, the Attorney General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan lodged an exceptional appeal on behalf of the labourer before Dubai’s highest court.

“The labourer doesn’t have the legal right to appeal before the Cassation Court. Hence Al Humaidan, and in his capacity as Attorney General, and in a move to protect the labourer’s rights, lodged the appeal before the Cassation Court. The highest court decided that the appellate court breached the law by accepting the employer’s appeal despite the fact that it shouldn’t have. Al Humaidan asked the Cassation Court to cancel the appellate judgment and order the employer to pay the labourer Dh6,000 claims. And that’s what happened,” explained the Chief Prosecutor Abdullah Mohammad Klaib, Head of Dubai Civil Prosecution.

According to the Civil Procedures Law, an appeal is not acceptable in the case of labourers, who seek less than Dh10,000. Otherwise the labourer who seeks more than that, is only allowed to appeal after depositing an insurance amount of Dh1,500.