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Cook arrested for alleged assault and attempted rape of housewives

Police believe the accused roamed the area to stalk targeted women

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Abu Dhabi: After nine robberies, assaults and attempted rapes of housewives in the Khalidiya and Zaafarana region in Abu Dhabi, an Asian cook was arrested by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The Asian cook used a sharp 30cm knife in his crimes against women of various nationalities.

"The accused planned his crimes carefully, choosing morning hours when husbands and children were away," Colonel Maktoum Ali Al Sherifi, Head of Capital Police Directorate said.

"The accused roamed an area, then stalked a woman doing her errands to her house and made sure she was alone," he said.

"Only then would he knock at the door pretending to be a maintenance worker. Once the door was opened he attacked her, attempting to rape her, robbed the house and escaped before the other family members returned," Al Sherifi said.

He said the Shaabiya police received more than nine reports, two of which were addressed by Khalidiya police.

The reports stated that Arab, western and Asian women were threatened with rape and robbery.

Track and trap

The Shaabiya Police assigned an investigation team in Al Muroor Street, in Zaafarana region to track and trap the man. A few days into the investigation and a during close surveillance of the area, the man was seen scouting houses for his next victim.