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Clandestine group trial postponed to April 30

Judge adjourns hearing until April 30 to review forensic and financial reports

Abu Dhabi: The judge in the trial of 94 Emiratis charged with forming a clandestine group to overthrow the government has postponed Tuesday’s hearing until April 30 in order to review separate reports from the Dubai Police forensic laboratory and a committee of financial experts.

The trial, which began on March 4 and is being presided over by Chief Justice Falah Al Hajiri of the State Security Court, held its sixth session on Tuesday. 

The judge agreed to allow a request from defence lawyers to bring in their own witnesses at the April 30 session.

Chief Justice Al Hajiri also ruled that one of the defendants, Fatima Al Za’abi, should receive her passport in order for her to travel to the US for medical treatment. This follows a medical report submitted to the court from Al Mafraq Hospital on Fatima’s medical condition and the need to travel abroad to receive the specialist treatment.

The judge also decided to continue to keep women defendants out on bail, while all male defendants will remain in custody.