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‘Charlatan’ on tourist visa deported

Immigration officials deport Turkish man after three-day stay at Dubai airport

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Dubai: Police and airport immigration authority deported a man who they described as being an unkempt charlatan after he was denied entry to the country on a tourist visa.

A senior official from the General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai said on Thursday that a Turkish man identified as T.D., tried to enter Dubai on a tourist visa on Monday but he was stopped at the airport due to suspicious movement and his weird way of dressing.

Police said the man was wearing strange attire; his clothing consisted of many layers.

The suspect sported long hair and a long unkempt beard and he covered his head in an unusual way, said authorities.

Police immediately inspected the luggage of T.D., where they found spells written on cards.

The 34-year-old man was banned from entering the country. Police said the man was deported on Wednesday from terminal 2 after he stayed at the terminal for two days.

“We did not make police case against him for humanitarian reasons but he was deported and banned from entering here again,” police said.

Police said the suspect claimed that he is an Islamic scholar and that he is here to visit his friends in Dubai. A friend of the suspect said that T.D., came to see him here in Dubai. “He is a nice person and he came to see us here,” the friend said.