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ATM theft suspects referred to Abu Dhabi Criminal Court

The suspects are also charged with using mind-altering drugs during the brazen theft

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The stolen ATM belonged to Abu Dhabi National Bank.
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Abu Dhabi: A four-brother gang charged with stealing an ATM in Al Ain, as well as using mind-altering drugs and driving a vehicle under the influence, has been jailed and referred to the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court, the General Attorney’s office says.

The four suspects, who have criminal records, are alleged to have stolen an ATM belonging to a local bank in Al Ain that reportedly took place on January 3 of this year, the Abu Dhabi Police revealed.

The suspects used an eight-metre rope tied to a stolen vehicle to remove the machine, destroying the front window of the bank.

The men confessed to their alleged crimes and said that the device was damaged after it was dragged between residential buildings in the Al Yahr area, where the theft took place, causing it to get rammed into pavements.

The rope attached to the machine also snapped roughly after 400 metres, smashing it to the ground.

An Emirati who witnessed the crime, reported it and chased the suspects until they fled, prevented them from returning to the scene and redeeming their stolen item.

Police later found the ATM in four pieces with the full amount of money inside.

The brothers are reported to have sought refuge in a sandy area near Al Ain airport, leaving their vehicle behind while another suspect took them back to their house.