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Accountant confesses to slitting woman’s throat

Defendant admits to killing home-alone woman and stealing her jewellery

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Dubai: An accountant admitted in court on Monday that he murdered a woman by slitting her throat and also stole Dh25,000 worth of jewellery from her while she was waiting for her son to return home from school.

The 28-year-old Indian suspect, A.M., was said to have talked his fellow countrywoman to open the door to him. When she walked out of the kitchen to get him some water, he pulled out a knife and slit her throat when she shouted.

Prosecution records said despite A.M. warning the woman not to shout because he had just come to rob her, the defendant slit her throat repeatedly until she dropped down dead.

“Yes I am guilty. I killed her and stole her belongings,” said A.M. when he entered a guilty plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Ali Saeed, of Al Rifaa Prosecution, asked for the implementation of the death sentence against A.M., who was accused of murder associated with theft.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant planned to murder the housewife, M.S., and steal whatever he found.

Records said he purchased a knife, tape, a towel and a pair of gloves for the purpose of carrying out his crime. The suspect ensured the victim was home alone before he struck.

Records said A.M. claimed to M.S. that a year ago he purchased a washing machine from her husband and that he needed the receipt to fix it.

The defendant was said to have used that excuse to talk the victim into letting him in.

The suspect kept the woman busy and had her walk to the kitchen to bring him a glass of water before he took out the knife from a plastic bag and murdered her.

The woman’s 37-year-old husband discovered the murder, according to his statement, shortly after his neighbour told him over the phone that his wife was not present when the school bus had dropped off their child.

“I asked my neighbour to keep an eye over my son until I arrived. On my way home, the neighbour called again and informed me that she heard the sound of our television. I found my wife’s corpse in the hall… her neck was slit… Her pulse had stopped when I checked her,” said the husband.

Records said the defendant’s main purpose behind the crime was theft.

An Emirati police lieutenant testified that forensic and fingerprint experts notified that the victim injured the suspect when she defended herself.

“Primary interrogation exposed A.M.’s connection to the crime. The latter was detained in a sting operation in Al Rifaa. During questioning he admitted that he murdered the woman before he robbed the place and absconded. He also admitted that he wore one of the husband’s chemises because his own was covered with blood,” said the lieutenant.

The court will appoint a lawyer to defend the suspect when it reconvenes on February 21.