Abu Dhabi Police investigates source of 999-linked Blackberry message

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has called upon those with BBM not to click on the link which dials police operation room 999

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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police is investigating who was behind sending a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) message including a link, which, upon clicking would dial 999.

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has called upon those with BBM not to click on the link, which dials police operation room 999. The message was being circulated around on Monday evening.

999 for emergencies only

Colonel Saeed Obaid Al Naqbi, Deputy Operation room director at the Abu Dhabi Police said the method of calling the Abu Dhabi Police Operation Room through land and mobile telephones is known to be (999) and is set for emergencies only.

Colonel Al Naqbi added that there was a text message that was circulated by some people on Tuesday which said: "Someone has photographed the screen while calling the police, find out what happened."

13,338 calls in 5 hours

He also revealed that the operation room received 13,338 calls in 5 hours, as the message started going around adding that the police room received repeated calls from 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. on Monday, with an increase of 120 per cent calls in comparison to the normal rate of 6000 calls every 8 hours of work.

The increased number of calls has led to an additional pressure on the time of those working in the police operation room, Colonel Al Naqbi added. Misusing the number 999, which is set for emergencies will affect the services presented to the public all around the clock.

The investigations are ongoing to find the identity of the person who started this irresponsible act which only points to the complete absence of ethics and awareness to the gravity of the matter, said Colonel Al Naqbi, stressing that the person responsible will be held accountable and punished.