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Guard tried to molest girl in compound’s gym

Suspect bit fingers of her parents when they tried to catch him, hand him over to police

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Dubai: A security guard has been accused of attempting to molest a college girl in a residential compound’s gym and biting the fingers of her parents when they tried to help her.

The 37-year-old Pakistani security guard was said to have entered the gym behind the 21-year-old Indian college girl and told her that it was closure time at 9pm in August.

When the 21-year-old was about to leave the private gym at the residential compound where she lives with her parents, according to records, the guard locked the door and tried to hug and grope her. However, the Indian girl resisted the Pakistani, rushed out and called her parents for help.

The 37-year-old bit the finger of girl’s father when he tried to restrain him and call the police and then he bit her mother’s finger when she tried assisting her daughter as well.

Prosecutors accused the Pakistani of attempting to molest the girl and assaulting her parents.

The defendant denied the attempted molestation charge when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the suspect abused the fact that the girl was exercising in the empty gym when he tried to hug and grope her. Then when she pushed him away and sought the help of her parents, the suspect bit the fingers of her father and mother, said prosecutors.

“Yes I assaulted them … but I beat them after they had beaten me,” the suspect told presiding judge Urfan Omar.

The girl claimed to prosecutors that the security guard suddenly locked the door from inside and attempted to molest her when she was about to leave.

“He tried to hug me … I pushed him away and rushed out. My parents headed to the gym when I told them what the security guard had tried to do. The suspect tried to run away once he spotted my parents … when my father stopped him, he bit my father’s finger. When my mother tried to stop him, he bit her finger also. Police came and apprehended him after my mother had called them,” she testified to prosecutors.

A ruling is expected on December 26.