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Lebanese rely on humour to get through crippling political paralysis

Frustrated citizens start hashtag “the last time we had elections” to make light of their misery

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Beirut: Lebanese have responded sarcastically to their politicians, following President Michel Aoun’s decision to suspend parliament for one month.

People took to social media to make light of their misery under the hashtag (translated from Arabic) ‘the last time we had elections’.

User @chehayebk joked that the last time Lebanese voted was when they communicated through ‘missed calls’.

User‪@aliaadani said: “The last time elections happened, the iPhone 4 didn’t exist.”

Maybe we need #UnitedAirlines to get our deputies to give up their seats, said @tohmechristelle.

@AliHamade95 made a reference to the 90s hit American sitcom ‘Friends’ when he said the last time Lebanese had elections “Ross and Rachel were on a break”.