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No Jordanian forces in Kuwait, official

‘Allegations of Jordanian involvement serve suspicious agendas intended to harm Kuwait’

Gulf News

Dubai: There has been no involvement of Jordanian forces in the crackdown on Kuwaiti opposition protesters, a senior Jordanian government source has said.

The source, according to Jordanian press, called allegations of Jordanian involvement in the forceful suppression of protests in recent days as “a fabrication” that does not warrant a comment.

He told the Jordanian paper Al Dustoor that those who make such allegations have suspicious agendas that aim to put pressure on Jordan. He called on Jordanian media not to entertain such allegations in order not to serve those who create rumours that are detrimental to the nation’s interest, according to the report.

The denial follows allegations on Twitter about Jordan having received $6 billion (Dh22 billion) from Kuwait in exchange for the latter lending special forces to crack down on the protests. Kuwaiti opposition figures have pointed to the presence of foreign elements among the security forces tasked with containing the protests that have in recent days become violent.

Leading opposition activist and former member of parliament Musallam Al Barrak was quoted by Arabic media as saying: “I am not sure if Jordanian forces are coming, but if I chant against the Jordanian regime in today’s (Sunday’s) rally, then you can know I am sure.”

The allegation was reportedly made initially by former Salafist MP Waleed Al Tabtabaei. Jordanian media however reported that the allegations were made by Hezbollah’s television channel, Al Manar.

Kuwait’s opposition, which consists of liberals, nationalists and Islamists, has been protesting the changing of voting procedures by the emir that is perceived to be aimed at producing election results favourable to the ruling family.