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Jordan king abuse trial put off in Kuwait

Four former lawmakers face charges of harming bilateral relations

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Manama: The trial of four Kuwaiti former lawmakers for insulting Jordan’s king was on Tuesday postponed to September 17 to summon witnesses.

Ex-MPs Musallam Al Barrak, Mubarak Al Alwan, Salem Al Namlan and Abbas Al Shaabi have been referred to the court in a case brought by the foreign ministry for allegedly disseminating false information about the domestic situation in Kuwait with the purpose of undermining the country’s interests. The former lawmakers also faced charges of taking part in an illegal rally. The defendants rejected the charges

Al Barrak reportedly criticised King Abdullah and Jordan last year for allegedly sending troops to quell demonstrations organised by the opposition to protest the cancellation of a decision that amended the 2006 electoral law.

Al Barrak’s allegations about the presence of Jordanian troops in Kuwait to suppress demonstrations were dismissed as “untrue” and “lacking credibility” by the Kuwaiti foreign ministry.

“We categorically reject the claims made by former lawmaker Musallam Al Barrak to the media,” the ministry said. “Kuwait rejects targeting its deep-rooted fraternal relations with Jordan and condemns any abuse of its leaders.”