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Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP calls for world intervention

Troops have closed roads leading to protest areas

Image Credit: AP
A wounded supporter of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi waits to receive treatment at a local hospital in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, July 8, 2013.
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Cairo: For the first time in Egypt’s modern history, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party called on the international community and global organisations, as well as “the free people of the world,” to intervene to stop the “massacres taking place in Egypt”.

The party called for “uncovering the truth about military rule so that there will not be another Syria in the region,” following clashes between supporters of ousted President Mohammad Mursi and police and army forces on the other near the Republican Guard headquarters.

The army said in a statement that it had defended the Republican Guard headquarters against “a terrorist attack”. The statement added that one army officer was killed and 40 soldiers were injured during the incident.

In an official statement on Monday, the FJP said: “We call on the great Egyptian people to rise against those who want to abduct their revolution with their tanks and armoured vehicles”.

The statement said that “the massacre perpetrated by those criminals against peaceful protesters who reject the military coup and demand the return of elected President Mursi is unprecedented in the history of the Egyptian army. There must be sensible people within the military institution who can prevent the continuation of these subversive practices, which are uncharacteristic of the Egyptian army.”

The party ended its statement by saying: “The blood of the martyrs will only strengthen our will and this blood will curse the subversive criminals and those who helped them.”

Clashes broke out between Mursi’s supporters and security forces in front of the headquarters of the Republican Guards at dawn on Monday. A security source said that a number of people were killed in the clashes, including a member of the armed forces.

Meanwhile, military sources told Gulf News that troops have closed roads leading to protest areas where thousands are camping to demand the return of Mursi to power.

Witnesses said troops closed the 6th October Bridge leading to Nasr City, where Mursi’s loyalists have been gathered at Rabaa Al Adawiya in eastern Cairo.

The sources added that a bridge leading to Nahda Square near the Cairo University in Giza has also been closed.

Army tanks were deployed at the entry points to the two squares.

Eyewitnesses said 400 supporters of the ousted president are refusing to leave Al Mustafa mosque near the Republican Guards compound, fearing harassment.

“They are refusing to leave in order not to be harassed by security forces,” Mosaab Mohammad, a doctor with the field hospital set up by Mursi loyalists.

The supporters had taken refuge at the mosque after fellow loyalists were killed outside the Republican Guards headquarters.


The writer is a journalist based in Cairo