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It’s a revolution against Muslim Brotherhood: Dubai Police chief

No group can stand against invincible will of people, Dubai police chief says

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Dubai: Lieutenant-General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, has said that the current events in Egypt are, without a doubt, a revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood.

He said that there is no group or party in existence that can stand against the invincible will of the people.

Dahi Khalfan made the statements during a TV interview with Dubai’s Al Hurra channel, which was broadcast on Monday, July 8 at 7pm.

He pointed out that ousted Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi previously stated that if 10,000 Egyptians revolted against him, he would abdicate his presidential duties.

“However, it seems that the seat of power is treacherous and makes people break their oaths,” said Dahi Khalfan.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has proven that they are connected to Al Qaida, evident from the appearance of Al Qaida banners and flags in news clips showing Muslim Brotherhood led-demonstrations in Cairo,” said Dahi Khalfan.

He added that Mursi was vehemently against Al Azhar, which enjoys a prestigious status not only in Egypt, but in the entire Arab world.

“Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood also went against the army, police, state security and culture, and were hostile towards Gulf nations,” he added.