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Egypt: Brotherhood, Hamas to be blamed for army killings

Jihadists sabotage attacks in Sinai were orchestrated by the Brotherhood, says intelligence source

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Cairo: Egypt’s security services will reveal in the next few days the results of investigations in the killing of 16 soldiers in Rafah, North Sinai, last August, a high profile intelligence source told Gulf News.

The source said the investigations run by the military prosecution and security services contain “surprises”, revealing that leaders of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and elements from the Palestinian Hamas movement “were involved in the crime”.

“MB leaders has plotted to topple Hussain Tantawi, former Defence Minister and head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and Samy Anan, former army Chief of Staff,” the source said pointing out that during the transitional period under the SCAF the natural gas pipeline in Sinai has been bombed 17 times, but after the Islamist Mohammad Mursi was named as president all the attacks stopped and when he was ousted on July 3, the gas pipeline was bombed again.

Thirty-five defendants, including elements from Hamas and Salafi jihadist militias in North Sinai, are believed to have participated in the operation. Some of them were killed during military operations, the source said.

He added that the intelligence service has intercepted telephone calls between MB leaders and jihadists in Sinai assigning them to commit terrorist operations against armed forces check-points and police stations in Sinai.

Security service monitored also elements of Hamas who infiltrated into Egypt after Mursi’s removal from power to execute terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, the Insurance and Social Affairs Ministry (Isam) is considering disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood. It will issue its final decision within ten days.

The ministry said that its’ Department for Legal Affairs decision on whether to dismantle the Brotherhood will be based on the results of the investigations made by the General Prosecution concerning the burning of the MB headquarters in Moqattam on 30 June.

Mohammad Badie, the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, and others face charges of murder, attempted murder, and forming militias and a terrorist group.

The Isam’s decision will have no political dimension, an official source from the ministry said, adding that if it is proven that the Brotherhood used the headquarters to store weapons, and that they have formed a militia, the group will be disbanded as mandated by law.