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US urges Yemen to accept UN-drafted roadmap for peace talks

Washington disappointed in Hadi government’s rejection of plan as ‘dangerous international precedent’

Gulf News

Washington: The United States expressed disappointment on Wednesday at the Yemeni government’s reaction to a UN-drafted roadmap to end the country’s civil war and urged it to accept the proposal as a basis to begin negotiations on a peace agreement.

Yemen appeared to reject the UN plan on Tuesday, calling it a “dangerous international precedent” that would legitimise the rebellion against the internationally recognised government.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner told a news briefing the United States was “disappointed” by Yemen’s reaction.

“We call on the Yemeni government to accept the roadmap,” he said. “We recognise that the roadmap does contain difficult choices and underscore that compromises and concessions by all parties will be necessary to reach a durable political settlement.”

The Obama administration meanwhile imposed sanctions on two people and a charity in Yemen it accuses of supporting Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

The US Treasury Department said Al Hasan Ali Ali Abkar helped supply money, weapons and ammunition to AQAP forces. It says he also has commanded AQAP operatives.

The department said Abdallah Faysal Sadiq Al Ahdal helped the group raise funds, launder money, recruit militants, smuggle weapons, conduct training and shelter fighters.

And it accuses the Rahmah Charitable Organization of acting as an AQAP front.

Americans are now barred from doing business with the men or the charity. Any assets they had in the US are now frozen.