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Strong winds lash UAE's western region

Motorists, people going to the sea and asthmatics in the country cautioned

  • By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief
  • Published: 17:30 March 3, 2012

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Al Ain: Wind has picked up a gushing speed of 76km/h across the UAE, as forecasters warned on Saturday that high winds have fast been reaching the mainland.

The national weather bureau has issued an alert asking fishermen and small boat riders to say onshore and avoid venturing out in the sea. “It’s stormy and high waves and winds could be dangerous,” said a forecaster.

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The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology has recorded winds with gusting speed of 76km/h in Abu Al Bakhoosh, Al Qalaa 66km, Makassib 57km, Al Ghoueifat 56km, and Ras Musherib 55km in the western region of Abu Dhabi.

Wind has already picked up speed in Al Ain and its surrounding areas and motorists have been asked to be careful.

Other parts of the country will also going to face high winds later Saturday evening.

The cool north-westerly winds were blowing at 50km/h speed in the western region of Abu Dhabi on Saturday. Forecasters said the wind is moving towards the rest of the country, kicking up dust and sand in open land areas and reducing visibility.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said low pressure in eastern Saudi Arabia had an influence on the UAE for many days. This low pressure pushed in hot and dusty winds, pulling the mercury to 37 degree Celsius in some internal areas.

The weather conditions have changed on Saturday under the influence of a persistent low pressure over the north and east of Iran and an extension of high pressure coming from the northwest (northern and central Saudi Arabia).

“This system will cause a fresh north-westerly wind flow, becoming strong at times especially over the sea and the western region,” said the NCMS.

The development is expected to make Arabian Gulf waters rough to very rough with a remarkable drop in the temperatures across the UAE.

The NCMS advises motorists to take precautions on roads due to the expected low horizontal visibility. People suffering from asthma must avoid exposure to the dust.

The centre also warned people against venturing into the sea due to high waves, which will continue until Tuesday noon.

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