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Sharjah mulls Metro system to beat traffic

A metro system, which will include public buses, is being studied by the Sharjah government to cope with the burgeoning traffic congestion, Gulf News has learnt.

  • By Ashfaq Ahmed, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 15:26 March 13, 2009
  • Gulf News

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  • The cost, length and time frame of the metro project in Sharjah are not yet known. Dubai metro (pictured) project's first phase will be operational in September 2009.

Dubai: A metro system is being studied by the Sharjah government to cope with the burgeoning traffic congestion, Gulf News has learnt.

The metro project has been included in the Comprehensive Public Transport study, which is being conducted by Sharjah Transport.

The study's main focus is on transport needs in the emirate with special emphasis on a comprehensive public transport system - public buses and a metro system. These options will be fin-alised only after detailed evaluation and approval of the higher authorities.

It has been confirmed that the metro system has been included in the study to improve travel within Sharjah and to and from neighbouring emirates, especially Dubai. The cost, length and time frame of the metro project are not yet known.

Abu Dhabi is finalising its plan to build a metro system as part of its master public transport plan.

Vital link

The Abu Dhabi Metro will be linked with the Dubai Metro to provide a vital link.

Dubai is building its metro project at a cost of Dh15.5 billion and its first phase will be operational in September 2009.

It has already been extended from the Abu Dhabi border to Al Qusais near the Dubai-Sharjah border.

In Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) yesterday launched a dedicated service for residents to involve them in the improvement plans.

Residents can call the toll-free number 8009090 to register a complaint or suggestion or they can log on to the RTA's website

Your comments

It is very good that we will have metro train transportation, because really the problem in Abu Dhabi are those taxi driver who don?t know how to show good attitude to their passengers. Comments to Taxi driver: 1. They fight with the passenger if we gave them coins and not paper money. 2. They get mad if the passenger asks to be dropped off behind the building. 3. They talk of bad things with the passenger. 4. They are not presentable. 5. They are not trained as drivers.
Abu Dhabi,UAE

Such a small country and such a big project... Better if you consider a non-stop bridge from Dubai to Sharjah. I don't think you need rail systems.

That's cool idea having trains in UAE because the traffic is getting worse day by day.

This is a dream-come-true if it will materialise in the near future. I shall be waiting with bated breath for the breaking news one day that our own sweet Sharjah will have its own metro in place. I want to see Sharjah without its iconic jams. My best wishes to the planning department. Please get us Sharjah Metro soon

This is a really great idea to link all emirates through Metro. This will really put UAE on the world map as having the best public transport and able to compete with London and New York.

Wow! That's great news for Sharjah people if the metro will be extended and linked with Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. If it is possible to get a continuous link, for example, travelling from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi on a single ticket and with a change of train at Dubai Abu Dhabi border, it will be more flexible for traveller. I think RTA has to allow long-distance travellers a single ticket fare from UAE's one end to the other end.

The metro rail should be linked with all the emirates. Only then will the traffic jams ease. Most of the people working in Dubai are coming from Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. So now is the best time to co-ordinate with all the emirates and finalise the metro network.

It is an excellent idea to cover the three important emirates with metro railway network, which will result in higher productivity and all-around development of this beautiful country. Let us hear soon about its implementation, as well.
Abu Dhabi,UAE

The metro project can be highly successful as it is evident in places like New York or London that people prefer the metro to their cars for getting to work and its cheap. So the metro will surely decrease traffic.

That's a good move from Sharjah. Hopefully one day we'll find a metro connecting all the seven emirates together starting from Abu Dhabi and ending up in Ras al haimah. This is the bright future sure it is.

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