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Coloured layer on Abu Dhabi roads to alert drivers on new speed limit

Drivers can easily identify the "[coloured] portion" on certain roads in Abu Dhabi to let them know that they have to reduce their speed

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  • Published: 15:22 January 1, 2011

Certain roads in Abu Dhabi have been given a coloured layer
  • Image Credit: Supplied photo
  • Certain roads in Abu Dhabi have been given a coloured layer to alert motorists about new speed limit in that stretch of road.

Abu Dhabi: A coloured layer on the roads will alert the motorists in Abu Dhabi that they are entering  areas with the new speed limit that came into force on Saturday.  

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has started demarcating such  portions of roads with coloured layers, according to a statement by Abu Dhabi Police.

The police started enforcing the new speed limit on several roads in the emirate according to the regulations announced last week, in cooperation with the three municipalities in the emirate. 

The speed limit in the residential area is between 20 and 40 kilometres per hour. Radars on the roads have been updated accordingly.

Drivers can easily identify the "[coloured] portion" on the road and they have to reduce their speed before reaching there, said Colonel Engineer Hussain Ahmad Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols at the Abu Dhabi Police.

He said the speed limit outside Abu Dhabi city—on the Abu Dhabi –Dubai and Abu Dhabi –Al Ain highways—remains the same.

Al Harithi said the new regulations will enhance the safety of motorists.

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