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Applicants can go to nearest post office to collect ID cards

Authorities make convenient new option available to public

  • By Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 April 25, 2011
  • Gulf News

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  • The applicants can submit a request at any post office to get their cards at the nearest post and action will be taken within three days, a top executive of Emirates Post told Gulf News on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi: There is a new option for national ID card applicants who did not get their card due to the inconvenience of collecting it from a post office far away.

The applicants can submit a request at any post office to get their cards at the nearest post and action will be taken within three days, a top executive of Emirates Post told Gulf News on Sunday.

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"The customers can fill out a form at any post office for this purpose," Abdullah Al Ashram , the CEO of Emirates Post, said.

He said the counter staff will send that request to the post office where the card is kept at present, after confirming the identity of the applicant and the full details including the reference numbers, the card will be moved to the requested post office within three days, Al Ashram said.

He was responding to Gulf News about complaints raised by some of the ID card applicants that they received an SMS from Emirates Post, asking them to collect the ID cards from a post office that was far away.

Courier service

He said Emirates Post has already arranged the delivery of the cards at the post office located nearest to the address given in the ID card application form.

But the new system announced by Al Ashram will help those affected.

Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) engaged Emirates Post, the organisation providing postal services in the UAE, and Aramex International, a courier service company, in February, to distribute the cards to ID card applicants due to the increasing number of ID cards. Empost, the express courier service company, has also been delivering the cards since 2007.

Emirates ID is equally distributing the cards among the three organisations for delivery, the authority had told Gulf News.

Emirates Post distributes around 12,000 cards per day through 120 post offices across the country and the number is increasing dramatically, the CEO said.

He asked the ID card applicants that after they receive a message from Emirates ID regarding collection of the cards, they should wait for a message from Emirates Post with location number, AWB (airway bill) and the location of the post office.After receiving the message from Emirates Post, they can go and collect the card, Al Ashram said.

Pick up process

First you receive a message from Emirates ID, saying that your card has been handed over to Emirates Post.

Then you have to wait for message from Emirates Post with location number, AWB (airway bill) and location of the post office from where you can collect the ID card after producing Emirates ID receipt.

If you want to change the post office:

Visit any post office and fill out a form to get the cards at your nearest post office

Emirates Post will send the request to the post office where your cards are kept at present.

The card will be sent to your nearest post office within three days and you can collect it from there.

Replacing damaged cards

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) on Sunday announced the launch of a new service that allows ID card holders to replace their lost or damaged cards.

The authority said that for a damaged card, the applicants have to present the same documents required during the ID card application procedure and the damaged card.

For re-issuance of a new card to replace the lost one, applicants need to visit any of the authority's registration centres to have a certificate proving the authenticity of the ID number.

With input from WAM and Emirates Post

Comments (4)

  1. Added 15:52 April 25, 2011

    The Id card centre phone number is not reachable and EIDA should try calling these numbers frequently to check availability and take necessary action. We hear different instructions and modalities on a daily basis on ID card that creates even more confusion amongst residents. Eventually, i am yet to use the much hyped advantages of the ID card such as DL, medical cards etc all in one card.

    k.thiyagarajan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 14:18 April 25, 2011

    do we get results from here? its been a month now since i receive a text message from Emirates ID saying that my id card has been printed and will be dispatched thru empost, however, to date i did not receive any information from empost. i tried calling them twice but they told me to wait. until how long shall i wait? has my id gone astray?

    Ed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 13:01 April 25, 2011

    I applied for Emirates ID last December 2010 & until now, April 2010, I have not receive yet my ID. I already phoned Abu Dhabi office twice & they just told me to wait for a message or call from Empost. Im wondering how long it will take.

    Romelyn, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Philippines

  4. Added 11:30 April 25, 2011

    What about the charges for courier services "AED 30.00". Are they going to refund????

    SHIBU , DUBAI, United Arab Emirates

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