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UAE earthquake rumour denied

Tremor between April 25 and 30 is false, says National Centre of Metrology and Seismology

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  • Published: 22:44 April 18, 2013
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Abu Dhabi: The National Centre of Metrology and Seismology has denying rumours being circulated among people that an earthquake will be occurring in the area between April 25 and 30.

The rumour claimed that this report comes from US Geological Survey. The centre said that the information is false because earthquakes can never be predicted.

Comments (2)

  1. Added 13:14 April 19, 2013

    Actually earthquake aftershocks can be predicted.

    siju markose, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 11:56 April 19, 2013

    UAE usually receives aftershocks from quakes in Iran and no seismic activity occurs in the region itself. Then how come US can not predict anything for Iran and can do it for UAE? There was another quake in Iran on thursday and still it wasn't predicted. Whats the need of spreading falls rumors just to create panic? I strongly believe that US geological survey should come in picture and justify their statement otherwise their credibility will be questioned..

    Asghar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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