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Abattoirs tap solar energy to cut costs, save fuel

Dubai Municipality has started using solar energy to heat water in the large abattoirs in the emirate

  • By Shveta Pathak, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 March 26, 2012
  • Gulf News

Dubai: The Dubai Municipality has started using solar energy to heat water in the large abattoirs in the emirate.

"We have started using the solar system in the Al Ghusais abattoir for heating water which we use to clean slaughtering halls and equipment," Ali Taher Al Hammadi, head of abattoir operations, told Gulf News, adding, "We would eventually like to extend it to other slaughterhouses."

The Municipality has so far installed 210 solar panels that can heat 70,000 litres of water at 80 degrees daily. The new system will reduce the periods of operation of steam boilers, which will, in turn, reduce operating expenses.

Diesel to power boilers

Ahmad Hassan Al Shammari, head of abattoirs section, Public Health Services, said the section has been using hot water at 65 degrees to clean the slaughtering halls, tools and equipment. The water is heated using steam heaters to produce steam to heat the cold water in the thermal exchange unit. These boilers are powered by burning diesel fuel and chemicals needed to maintain the required levels of the elements within permissible limits.

The section is now installing solar panels and a complete thermal exchange system and will connect it with the water heater system in abattoirs.

Al Shammari said the section is confident about the benefits that can be achieved by this project. It reduces the consumption of diesel fuel, electricity to stove and run boilers, water consumption and chemicals for boiler water treatment, save the cost of boiler maintenance and reduce toxic emissions by burning diesel.

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