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Man stranded at Dubai airport: 'No country wants me'

Syrian stranded at Dubai airport is still waiting for his destiny at terminal 2

  • By Bassama Al Jandaly, Community and Crime Correspondent
  • Published: 22:26 October 24, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Courtesy: Wasfi Tayseer Jarad
  • Wasfi Tayseer Jarad, who has been stranded at Dubai International Airport Terminal 2 for 17 days, says it is so hard to sleep while sitting on a chair with noise all around.

Dubai: Dubai Immigration and airport authorities have intervened in the case of a Syrian national who woke up on Thursday morning still stranded at Dubai International Airport Terminal 2.

Investigators from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai flanked by airport security escorted 34-year-old Wasfi Tayseer Jarad to airport immigration offices to find a way forward to help resolve the travel impasse.

Jarad has been living at Terminal 2 for the past 17 days following his release from Dubai Central Jail where he had served three years of a seven-year drugs-related sentence imposed in 2010.

He received an early pardon and was released earlier this month after memorising the Quran in jail.  “I cannot go back to Syria fearing for my life,” Jarad told Gulf News from the airport.

Jarad confirmed that he refused authorities’ requests on Thursday to board an aircraft bound for Latakia, Syria, and that he would prefer to travel to any other country other than Syria. Jarad said he does not have any idea what to do.

“My family fled Syria to Al Zatary refugee camp in Jordan. My father told me that he will try to get me a Syrian passport and send it to me here,” he said. The meeting with Dubai immigration and airport officials was unproductive, he said, but officials said they were hopeful that a passport could be secured by Jarad’s family to help him travel.

Dubai police tried to help Jarad renew his passport with the Syrian Consulate in Dubai. Police said the request was not successful.

Jarad said that he has no money as he has spent all his money on airfare. Jarad’s bag contains few belongings. He said the airport authorities allowed one of his friends to send underwear to him. He washes his one set of clothes in the public washroom.

“I’m sleeping on the chairs for a few minutes as it is so hard to sleep deeply while sitting on the chair with the noise around,” he said. “Many workers at the airport know me. Most pity me and some even cry after listening to my story of being stranded here. Currently, no country wants to receive me because I’m Syrian and because I have no passport. I hope someone will give me a helping hand.”

Comments (10)

  1. Added 18:04 October 25, 2013

    This is a real-life story compared to the Hollywood film THE TERMINAL starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. I hope this guy will be offered some timely and valuable assistance especially after what he may have gone through in prison.

    Amit Bhattacharjie, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 16:55 October 25, 2013

    Brother, don't worry do your prayers you have an option to do the prayers at airport terminal. Insha allah there will be a way for everything don't think that you are Syrian no body will accommodate you, there are lots of good heart living in this world definitely you will see you family again & live with them with full joy. I pray for you don't lose your confident. "There is a way for everything" May allah help you!

    Barakath Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 16:20 October 25, 2013

    I wish i could do something to bail you out of this problem..

    Abel Biju, Dubai, India

  4. Added 14:49 October 25, 2013

    I pray for you. You will reunite with your family members soon.

    hameed, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 14:10 October 25, 2013

    This guy needs another chance, memorizing the Quran, Allah's Book, is a big achievement and and alone because of that should he be given a chance to complete his living here.

    Nadia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 13:57 October 25, 2013

    I don't understand why after 17 days Dubai authority has not taken an urgent action he needs rest ... Dubai is most respected city in the world please send him any of the airlines hotel free of cost until he will get travel documents or until Amnesty International will come forth

    alam, doha, India

  7. Added 13:21 October 25, 2013

    Please forward this message to the authorities. Syrian refugees are accepted in Turkey, I suppose Gulfnews can contact United Nations Office and I am sure they can guide his way to Turkey.

    James, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 13:17 October 25, 2013

    Perhaps, Dubai airport can give you temporary job, and an exemption of the rule while the guy is waiting for his passport to be granted. After memorizing the Quran, shows he's still a person deserved a second chance. I am calling all the can-afford Syrian residing here in Dubai, please help this guy-the tom hanks of Syria(The Terminal).

    carlos ante, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 12:56 October 25, 2013

    He may apply to go to Albania.

    Osman, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 12:41 October 25, 2013

    I'm not Syrian but reading your story make me cry I want to help you brother even just some food you can eat in airport in dubai ... Don't think that because your Syrian no one loves you, you have a new life now after jail.....

    Warner, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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