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Iron pipes left on the sidewalk in Sharjah pose risk

Dangerous materials left unattended in public areas can injure pedestrians

  • By Arushi Madan, Gulf News reader
  • Published: 20:03 September 16, 2013
  • Gulf News

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Recently, while strolling in Sharjah, I noticed a pile of sharp iron pipes lying on the sidewalk of an alley. This sidewalk is located on King Faisal Road near a major supermarket. These types of pipes are not only a safety concern to people walking by, but it also spoils the area’s look.

Whoever is responsible for these pipes should understand that these materials could injure someone, especially children. I have seen a lot of teenagers using this sidewalk to go to the nearby ice cream shop. Any of them could get hurt. I urge the authorities to take action against such practices.


This reader is a grade 10 student in Sharjah.


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