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Streets and wadis flooded in Oman

Rain created waterfalls as it cascaded down the mountains surrounding most cities

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  • Published: 16:02 April 7, 2013
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  • 07 APRIL 2013 REGION Low lying Area in Batinah. Muscat The mercury dipped by several notches as rains followed sand storm in most parts of Oman on Sunday.PHOTO:OMAN NEWS AGENCY
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Muscat: The temperature dropped by several degrees as rain fell after the sandstorm in most parts of Oman on Sunday.

Buraimi, Ibri and parts of Batinah received heavy rain in some low-lying areas. Wadis flowing through roads were flooded, particularly in Shinas area of Northern Batinah, close to the UAE border.

Temperatures in Muscat dropped by almost 10 degrees from around 32 degrees Celsius on Saturday afternoon to around 22 on Sunday afternoon after a brief spell of showers. A short spell was enough to cause traffic chaos around Muscat, which is undergoing major road and expansion works.

The Oman Meteorological Department has forecast more rain on Sunday and Monday.

On Saturday night strong winds lashed Muscat after a sandstorm in the morning over Buraimi and Ibri.

All through the night strong winds kept blowing and by late morning it had started raining, flooding some roads as well as creating waterfalls as it cascaded down the mountains surrounding most cities.

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