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Nationals should have health care priority — MP

Kuwaitis should be allowed to see doctors ahead of foreigners, MP says

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Manama: A Kuwaiti lawmaker has waded into controversy by suggesting that Kuwaiti nationals be given priority over expatriates in undergoing health checks at the country’s medical facilities.

“Many of the health centres in Kuwait are overcrowded as a result of the increasing number of patients,” MP Nawaf Al Fazia said. “This results in long queues and prolonged waiting periods in addition to a variety of complaints, especially in summer with soaring temperatures and high humidity levels. Patients are forced to come early before the centre is open and to wait at the gate or in their cars,” he said in remarks published by local news site Al Aaan on Tuesday.

A solution would be to allow Kuwaiti nationals to see doctors ahead of foreigners.

“I suggest that Kuwaiti men and women be given the priority in being consulted by the doctors and nurses at all the medical facilities. The only exception should be when there are emergency cases,” he said.

Around two thirds of the total population of Kuwait are foreigners, mainly labourers in the construction sector who cannot afford to go to private clinics.