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Polish PM calls for ‘good compromise’ on Brexit

Move sparked fear among the 800,000 Poles living in Britain

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London: Poland’s prime minister called Monday for a Brexit “compromise” and said Europeans in Britain and Britons in Europe should not be “made to feel like hostages” as she kicked off a landmark trip to London.

Britain’s shock vote in June to leave the European Union sparked fear among the 800,000 Poles living in Britain, particularly following a spate of xenophobic attacks after the referendum.

Beata Szydlo pledged Poland would be a “constructive partner” in potentially fraught negotiations to set the terms of Britain’s divorce from the EU, but that London had to set out a clear vision for its post-EU future.

“We need a good compromise which gives both our countries the best possible options for economic and security cooperation,” she wrote in Monday’s Daily Telegraph.

“But the initiative for determining British ambitions and expectations as to the future level of cooperation with the EU has to come from London.”