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Tension grips over clerics’ killing

Nine people also killed in Karachi

Image Credit: AFP
Pakistani relatives mourn near the body of top cleric, Abdul Majeed Deenpuri, 60, who was gunned down in a shooting, outsidea hospital in Karachi on Thursday.
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KARACHI: Tension gripped towns in Pakistan after three clerics were gunned down in an ambush Thursday whereas at least nine people were killed of whom six were kidnapped; tortured; shot and strangulated in different parts of Karachi.

Police said that Mufti Abdul Majeed, Mufti Abu Sauleh and two other were riding in a van at Shahrae Faisal when three attackers on a motorcycle ambushed near the Nursery Bus Stop. Both the muftis and the third fellow died before reaching to hospital whereas the fourth was injured.

However, a close circuit footage at the television showed that a single man wearing white shirt shot inside the stationary van and walked off complacently.

Both the muftis were heads of different faculties at Binori Town Madarassa, one of the largest seminaries in Karachi.

Soon after the shooting and killings of the muftis, the unknown people shot aerial gunfire in Patel Para, Guru Mandir, Shahrae Faisal and other parts of the city and forced the business and chops closure.

Earlier Thursday morning six bodies were found in gunny bags from different parts of the city. They were kidnapped and shot dead after torturing them.

Three bodies were found from Kaim Khani Colony of Baldia Town. The bodies were dumped in the bags after killing them by shooting in heads. Their throats were also found strangulated with clothe. The bodies also carried severe torture marks, police sources said. The trio was kidnapped last evening and their cell phones were closed ever since.

Two bodies were found at Askari Park, along the University Road. Both were shot dead.

Overnight, a huge bomb was accidentally found by the police after three suspect militants were killed due to an explosion apparently because of their mishandling of the bomb.

The blast took place at Sohrab Goth and police reached at the spot and found three people dead in a taxi cab. While searching the other vehicles they found two boxes,cylinders and a cooking pot all stuffed with explosive material and ball bearings.

The bomb disposal squad defused the bombs which cumulatively carried 300 kilogram of explosives that could have wrecked havoc if blown on the target.