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Pakistan court orders agencies to be vigilant

Gives go ahead to launch operations to eliminate ‘no go areas’

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Karachi: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday ordered the law enforcement agencies of the Sindh province to jointly launch operations to eliminate “no go areas” which are the fiefdoms of the non-state actors.

During the court proceedings a video carrying how Arshad Papu, a notorious gangster, was killed by the rival group was also presented to the court which would be exhibited in the court.

The court has also called the details of the killings of the policeman and the rangers who were tortured to death in past month in the volatile Lyari district.

The court enquired the defence lawyer of paramilitary rangers whether they were able to arrest the murderers of two rangers who were slaughtered in Lyari. The lawyer told the court that the police raided last night in Lyari and arrested 18 people.

The court dismissed the lawyer reply saying the rangers were drawing a heavy budget and it was also given the powers of the police but its poor performance was there for all to see. The court observed that just yesterday eight people were killed in the city.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was hearing the Karachi Law and Order case.

Earlier, the Sindh police and rangers submitted their separate reports to the court regarding the no-go areas in the city. The court rejected both the reports and ordered the chiefs of the two forces to sit together and prepared a joint report on the issue.

The chief justice also remarked that no official including the chief secretary of the province, inspector general of police and director general of the rangers did not concede that there were no-go areas in the city.

He further said that wherever there was “writ of any other person except the government” that was a no-go area.


The police overnight raided different parts of Lyari to arrest the alleged murderers of Arshad Papu, one of the Lyari gang chiefs who was brutally killed by the rivals earlier this week. The court on Thursday ordered the police to arrest the murderers.

Police sources said that at least 18 people were arrested including Kamran alias Kami who is said to be a close relative of a gangster who was killed by the police. However, the police said that the two main suspects of the murder were still not arrested.