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Jirga’s justice stuns tribe

Orders man to give girls from family as compensation to an opponent

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Karachi: A local ‘jirga’ (traditional village jury) ordered a man to give three girls — aged 3 to 4 years — of his family along with some money as compensation to a other man with whose wife the former had alleged relations.

According to reports from Shikarpur, in northern Sindh, a jirga was held to administer justice between the two groups of Jatoi tribe. The jirga was summoned at the Momin Goth, a small village in the outskirt of the city.

The chieftains of the tribe ordered Amanullah Jatoi, to give away three girls of his family to his opponents, after he was convicted for having illicit relations with the opponent’s woman. Besides, Amanullah was fined to pay Rs200,000 (Dh7,600) to his opponents as well whose name was told as Waheed Jatoi.

Sources said that Amanullah handed two of his daughters (aged 4 and 6) besides his nine-year niece to Waheed.

The feud started when Waheed suspected that his wife was in relationship with Amanullah. Knowing the scandal Waheed murdered his wife.

Pervez Chandio, the senior police officer in Shikarpur district said that they came to know about this incident and investigation was going on as to what extent the facts were true. He said legal course would be taken once the facts are checked.

This was yet another incident of Karokari a tribal and savage justice system in which men murder the woman of their family if they suspect her involvement with any man. The man has also been killed in vengeance that is locally called karokari.

In another aspect of tribal justice, the accused gives women of his family to the men of the victim’s woman.