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Under-construction flyover collapses in West Bengal

In March this year a flyover collapsed in Kolkata killing 26 people and injuring over hundred

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Kolkata: Triggering the memory of Kolkata’s deadly flyover tragedy, a 40-foot long portion of an under construction flyover crashed at Mogra area in West Bengal’s Hooghly district on Sunday morning.

According to the police, the flyover, which is being made to reduce traffic congestion on the historic Grand Trunk Road, had suddenly collapsed leading to commotion among passers-by and locals. Though no casualty was reported expect for a dumper which was crushed in the process.

“No one was injured, but all concerned departments are inquiring into the reasons for the collapse,” said a senior police official of the Hooghly district.

“The flyover suddenly collapsed and initially many thought it was bomb explosion. We are shivering with fear luckily no one was killed or injured,” said Alam, a tea-stall owner opposite the flyover.

Earlier on March 31 this year, a portion of under construction Vivekananda flyover collapsed in north Kolkata’s Posta area, killing at least 26 people and leaving over 100 injured. Post the incident, the state government had ordered to check the health of all existing flyovers and those under construction, to ensure that similar situations are not repeated.

However, little seems to have changed and people lives are at stake.

The company in change of the construction has termed it as an “accident”. “We were working to stitch the girders and level the road beneath the flyover. Few machines had collided with the pillars which may have led to the accident,” Sanjay Sharma, supervising officer of the Agarwal Infocom Private Limited said.

However, people the locals are worried and have complained of low quality material being used in the construction which led to its collapse. “Since work was going underneath no one was injured or else several could have been killed and many others injured. On weekdays many people park their two-wheelers underneath the flyover,” said Arabul, a local shopkeeper.

The government though is yet to issue a clarification on the issue the incident has reignited fear among locals and the citizen as to the health of flyovers all over the state. “Several flyovers are being built across states to ease life of citizens. But if it becomes a death trap then this will have severe effect on the common man,” said Sabir Chaowdhury, a resident of Mogra.