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No helmets, no petrol order fails to see light

Petrol dealers, have reservations about successful implementation

Image Credit: Nilima Pathak/Gulf News
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New Delhi: More than a week after the directive to rein in the two-wheeler riders for not wearing helmets, no headway has been made by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Having failed to ensure that all two-wheeler riders wear helmets, the State government had come up with the order – ‘no helmet, no petrol.’ Instructions were given to petrol pump dealers, traffic police and the motor vehicle department to ensure implementation of the same.

The Transport and Roadways minister, Raja Mahendra Aridaman had pointed out saying, “Majority of those killed in road accidents were two wheelers and the biggest cause of death was head injury. Use of a helmet can save many lives.”

He urged the fuel station owners to co-operate with the government and ensure that no petrol was given to those without helmets. In the interest of road safety, he also appealed to parents to educate their children on traffic rules.

In recent months, there have been a record number of deaths in road mishaps and the victims mainly have been two-wheeler riders.

Petrol pump dealers, however, have their reservations about the successful implementation of the minister’s order.

Secretary of the Lucknow Petrol Dealers’ Association, Sudhir Bora said, “Though we agree with the directive in principle, it is difficult to expect an attendant to refuse petrol to unruly elements or even policemen who ride without helmets.”

Kuldeep Singh, a photographer, residing in Lucknow, told Gulf News, “It is not easy for outlets to control the riders. Some youngsters go in groups without wearing helmets and make fun of the orders right in front of the petrol pump attendants. And there is nothing anyone can do.”

A fuel station owner said, “We face practical difficulties. The government should deploy a traffic constable at each petrol pump for smooth execution of the orders. It cannot expect us to fight with them.”

The Superintendent of Police (traffic), Arvind Sen had said that a dedicated telephone number would be provided to fuel station managers to note the complaints against those who tried to break the rules or misbehaved. But there has been no further progress.