Kerala girl stands up to sexual abuse

20 year old beats up men involved in harassment

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Thiruvananthapuram: Within a fortnight of an undergraduate student at the Women’s College here walking out of a programme and booing the speaker who kept up an anti-women tirade, a 20-year-old girl has physically taken on a group of sexual harrasers in the state capital.

Local media highlighted the spirited fight of Amritha Mohan who had to endure harassment by a group of men while travelling in a state government vehicle. Ironically, the girl, a final year BA Communication student at a college here, was returning after attending a programme related to the One Billion Rising event when the incident happened late in the evening on Thursday. Mohan had led the women’s motorcycle rally at the programme, riding a bike herself.

She was returning after the programme with her friend Ramona riding pillion when the group reportedly made offensive comments against them from their vehicle. Mohan and Ramona’s parents were following in two other vehicles. When the girls stopped on the way and their family members went to get some food, the men appeared again and started their verbal harassment. When Mohan’s father, who intervened, was attacked by the men, she got into the act and beat up two of them.

Unlike in the Women’s College incident where the girl got no support from her colleagues, bystanders on the street came to Mohan’s rescue and helped nab Manoj (30), the driver of the vehicle. Police took the man into custody and are on the lookout for the others.

Mohan, who has been trained in the local martial art form, Kalari, is a regular bike rider and has also acted in a movie in which she plays the a hockey team member who takes on a team of harrasers during a train journey.


  • Farhan

    17-Feb-2013 15:55

    Well I would like to say WELL DONE Amritha. Simultaneously I am really surprised with Rajan's comments. If any thhing like this is happeneing, you will say to those guys wait I will call the police and do nothing? What is this comment dear?

  • Mantor

    17-Feb-2013 15:42

    First of all Hats Off to the Girl for being so bold and using her skills for the apt use. I also congratulate the parents for their upbringing in such a girl child who is not only contributing to the social cause but also is instrumental in teaching lessons to the deserved. Rajan.M, I would urge you to face verbal harrassment once and then revisit his comment. Words are sharper than weapons....

  • Laxmi Nair

    17-Feb-2013 15:35

    To the person who has remarked that she did it wrong, I would like to say that she has done whatever least possible to prevent herself from being further humiliated or even physically assaulted. Rules apply only where they are enforced. Empowering her to react in time of need is the best thing her parents could have done for her. I, as an Indian woman, am proud of her and wish every woman would be like her. Besides, even our legal system acquits crimes done in self defense.

  • MANA

    17-Feb-2013 15:13

    Self defense is very useful (kid to adult ) to protect their selves during unexpected abuse in different situation. Insane people is anywhere and doesn't care to anyone. Self defense is better than being hit and helpless. This lady is 1 of the example in encouraging others to have self defense. Good example.

  • Alam

    17-Feb-2013 14:33

    But Kalari or Karate is not a solution, India needs law and its enforcement. There should be strict penalties and unbailable jail term for harassers.

  • Sanu Lama

    17-Feb-2013 13:48

    Congrats first! This is where martial arts come into use. I would recommend self defense martials arts to all ladies. Whether it be Taekwondo, Kungfu, Kick-boxing, Judo....

  • Rajan Mancharambath

    17-Feb-2013 13:26

    What she did also wrong. She has no right to beat someone. if someone harass her she has to report authorities not take law and order on her hands. both the offenders should be charged.Eve teasing and beating some one in public are same mistakes which is against the law of the land.

  • Praveen Raj

    17-Feb-2013 10:52

    I would like to express my sincere appologies to Amritha Mohan as i bow down my head being a male...such acts shows that there are still may dark and evil hearted bulls roaming arround in our society. All praise to the parents to Amritha for allowing her to pursue Karate and Kalari Payattu which helped her in this dire sitaution and by which she was able to react on the teasers.she should be awarded for her courage. God Bless.


    17-Feb-2013 10:46

    Good, well done, Ms Mohan, all girls should take lesson from her act to beat up the eve teasers. This is okay when it is day light and the public will also come to rescue and support, But when it happens in late hours or in the night, there is no support and rescue or so security, FEMLAES TAKE CARE AND GUARD YOURSELF and be prepared to beat them instead

  • Laxmi Nair

    17-Feb-2013 10:37

    Congrats on a job well done, Amritha! They deserve to be beat up. I am glad that finally Indian women are starting to stand up and fight against the abuse against them- verbal or otherwise. I wish and hope the day would come when anyone would think 100 times before they raise their voice or force against a woman for whatever reasons. Women empowerment has to begin at home and parents should inculcate the feeling of self-appreciation and self esteem in women so that they can fight against any abosive acts against themselves or against other living beings.

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Well I would like to say WELL DONE Amritha. Simultaneously I am really surprised with Rajan's comments. If any thhing like this is happeneing, you will say to those guys wait I will call the police and do nothing? What is this comment dear?


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