Facebook gets Bihar woman new husband, place in jail

During interrogation, she told police she wanted to settle in town

09 Gulf News

Patna: The love for Facebook chatting has spoiled the happily married life of a woman in Bihar who eloped with another boy, leaving behind her first husband and two children.

Police said initially Anju Devi’s parents registered a case of murder against her in-laws suspecting she might have been killed over the issue of dowry which is quite common in this eastern Indian state.

However, the police suspected some foul play when they found money getting constantly withdrawn from the ATM account of the missing woman’s teacher husband Manoj Kumar, a resident of Maner-Telpa village in Patna district.

Later, on the basis of her mobile call locations, the police arrested both the woman and her boyfriend Krishna Ramarao from the south Indian city of Hyderabad on Thursday and it was only then that the entire story came to light.

During interrogation, she told the police that she was married to a teacher from a local village but she hated village life and wanted to settle in town as she favoured modern lifestyle. Their marriage had taken place in 2002. Out of frustration, the woman who too worked as a teacher even resigned from service later.

In the meantime, she became friend with Hyderabad boy, a divorcee, on the Facebook and began frequently chatting with him. She found in him her “dream boy” who lived in a big town and who could have fulfilled her long-cherished dream of settling in a mega city. Soon their friendship developed into a full-blown love, and out of this love she finally eloped with her boyfriend who had come to receive her at the Patna junction on January 1 this year. Since then she had been living with her boyfriend in Hyderabad until her lure for lucre brought the Patna police to her secret location in Hyderabad and landed them in jail.

During her police custody, the woman even refused returning to her previous husband, so was her first husband too refused living with her wife. “She is a woman with free thinking who hates rural setting. I just can’t live with her... Divorce is the only way out,” Manoj has told the local media.

He added that respecting her wish to stay in the town, he even had purchased a plot of land in Patna to build a home and settle there. “Yet she ditched me... The incident will never be erased from my memory.”

The police are now concerned about who will take care of the children — her first husband or her boyfriend whom she claims to have married. The woman has a seven-year-old son and a four-year-old girl from her first husband.

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  • Ameer

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    I agree with you John

  • Kilmandris

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    Nice woman. Nince husband. Nice boyfriend. Best wishes to all of them intheir future endeavours. May be another Hindi film in making.

  • arshiya

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    she shoud stay [with one] who realy loves her. life comes only once bt herchildren should stay with her u know they come young they can under standbut some times children don’t understand - they hate their mother so it is better she stays withalone.

  • Angelique

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    Does any-one else think that this a a badly written, poorly-thought ofpiece of work? The journalist in question seems to have typed down herevery thought on the subject. Awful really...

  • Mayah

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    I think this opens the topic of indian families getting their kidsmarried the traditional way and not choosing whom they want.

  • Talish

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    The woman should be punished; she cheated her husband. She could havedivorced beofore eloping with her boyfriend. She ruined the life ofchildrend and her former husband.

  • Akber

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    Dear Mr. John, [according to] Indian culture, it is notlike marrying one and running with another one, Once they are marriedthey have to be together until they die... according to the childrenboth mother & father are responsible to care about them and theirfuture, its not like you said that children should be with his oldfather, its ridiculous. Do you know how many religions are there inindia and the respect towards each other religion. Culture of India isone of the god gift to them. nothing much to say than this. thanks.

  • Anand R

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    Another Facebook victim.....

  • john

    09-Aug-2607 22:28

    She should live with one she loves and not for the sake of familymembers.. However the kids should not be victims they must be take careof..Her old husband could get some one else from the same village withsimilar view in life.. John