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Devices to counter rape

Both advices and devices are being given to women

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New Delhi:From Gurgaon to Gandhinagar and Madurai to Madhubani, both advices and devices are being given to women before they set out of home. Whether they go to office in the morning or to buy vegetables in the evening, the general feeling all over the country is that women are not safe. This has led to women looking up for self-defence tools.

The fear is such that in many cases, fathers, brothers and husbands are gearing up to protect their women from predators on the prowl.

Ashita, a 19-year-old call centre employee says, “I was aghast when my younger brother handed me a can of pepper spray a fortnight back when I was leaving for office. A day before, he had heard me talking to a friend requesting her to buy one for me.”

Available with chemists and online portals, though pepper spray is seen as the most effective and handy tool for women to carry in their handbags, keeping the humble whistle is considered the next best option.

“It may sound bizarre to many, but when in trouble, a whistle is the best instrument to attract immediate attention of people. Raising an alarm at an early stage can help a woman to escape from the clutches of an attacker,” says Gracy, an activist.

On the other hand, Sanjay, a karate expert advises women to train in martial arts to tackle a surprise attack. “Martial arts training leads to making people mentally strong. A girl may be carrying a pepper spray, but of what use can it be if she is scared and unable to use it to defend herself.”

Terming martial arts as the most convincing self-defence tool, he feels that it not only provides self-confidence to a girl, but also instils courage and prepares her to fight any kind of odd situation. A month’s course teaches how to incapacitate assailants with punches and kicks and provides tips to sharpen an individual’s reflexes.