Hollywood stars take shelter in hotels

Hollywood mogul David Geffen opened up his recently renovated Malibu Beach Inn to firefighters and rescue workers for free.

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Los Angeles: The rich and famous of Hollywood could not evade Southern California's devastating fires. Production on TV series was disrupted and stars traded their beachfront homes for shelter in posh hotels.

Kelsey Grammer was among those who fled Malibu, the celebrity-favored oceanfront town that also is home to Mel Gibson, Cher, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Aniston, Mel Brooks, Ryan O'Neal and more.

Grammer made light of the evacuation for the sake of his 6-year-old, Mason.

"My daughter was nervous in the beginning," he told the E! entertainment channel Monday. "I said, 'Oh, honey, it's nothing. Just relax. Come on, we're going to have some fun.' So she shined the flashlight around and we got out. ... We're safe. We got the dog, we got the kids."

His house remained untouched Tuesday, said his publicist, Stan Rosenfield.

Promises, the Malibu rehabilitation center where Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have sought treatment, moved staff members and about 18 patients.

"We evacuated Sunday morning before the order came because the conditions there were very frightening," Promises founder and CEO Richard Rogg told AP on Tuesday. "The power went out, the winds were blowing at hurricane force and you could see flames coming over the mountain top."

Rooms were booked for patients in an "upscale hotel" near the Promises facility in west Los Angeles, where staff members "regrouped and tried to keep the schedule going as normally as possible," Rogg said.

Promises, which said its Malibu facility was undamaged Tuesday, does not disclose patient names.

Malibu resident Jane Seymour was sweeping across the stage Monday on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" while her husband, actor-director James Keach, protected their house.

Meanwhile, Hollywood mogul David Geffen opened up his recently renovated Malibu Beach Inn to firefighters and rescue workers for free, the trade paper Daily Variety reported.

While many evacuees sought refuge in school gyms and a San Diego stadium, the well-heeled chose different accommodations.

Shutters on the Beach and the Viceroy in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills' Peninsula and Four Seasons hotels were booked for the rest of the week with guests who had fled the fires in Malibu and San Diego, hotel reservations managers told Variety.