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prison jail

6,000 workers from Telangana in Gulf jails

Families tell of their plight without breadwinners

Lost in prayer
Abdur Rehman, a 60-year-old dhow sailor from Iran, offers namaz on his boat.

Dhows in Dubai Creek loaded with tradition

The area is home to a way of life that is still intact since Dubai’s earliest days

View of Global Village

Global Village attracts varied visitors

Americas pavilion and Illumination World show among new attractions


Asian man dies in car accident in Sharjah

Man killed after car overturns on Sajja Road

Loujain Hathloul drove her car from the UAE to the Saudi Arabian border in early December to protest the ban on women drivers and released a video of it, but she was detained for six days by Saudi authorities for defying the ban

Saudi women gear up to fight driving ban

Many more Saudi women are finding novel ways to persuade authorities to allow them to drive

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