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Nawaz Sharif said his party was keeping open an option of a movement to mobilise people in support of the judiciary.

Sharif needs the army on his side now

Curbing militancy will require a military push to confront the Taliban and weaken its position before it can be forced to negotiate

A Jollibee outlet in Manila. Jollibee Foods Corporation has
entered into a joint venture with Golden Crown Foods to
establish a company that will own and operate Jollibee
stores in the UAE.

Jollibee plans to open store in UAE

Popular fast-food chain promises Filipinos taste of home, with store to open in UAE

A buckled pavement at a shopping centre parking lot hit by a slow-moving landslide in Jackson
Hole, Wyoming. The landslide, which had been moving at a rate of an inch a day, suddenly
garnered steam, with the ground shifting several feet downhill in less than a day.

Looming, creeping landslide Wyoming home

Ground that had been moving at a rate of an inch a day suddenly shifts several feet downhill in one day

A supporter of Algerian president Abdul Aziz Bouteflika holds his poster as she celebrates his victory his re-election in Algiers.  Bouteflika, the independence veteran in power for 15 years, won re-election on Friday with more than 80 per cent of a vote opponents dismissed as fraud to keep an ailing leader in power. REUTERS

After Algerian polls, what next?

With oil running out, a new system of engaging with the populace needs to be found

Adrian Hayes

UAE resident eyes 'Savage Mountain'

British adventurer says lessons have been learned from deadly 2013 expedition to 'Savage Mountain'

Stylish race goers attending the Dubai World Cup 2014 ? PHOTO Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News

Picture Speak

Gulf News lensmen capture myriad shades of life

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