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    Wednesday Nov 6

    Map of embassies and consulates in UAE

    We bring you a detailed map showing consular buildings in Dubai and a listing of all the foreign embassies in Abu Dhabi. Click and hold your mouse button on the map to move around the city and use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. Click on the icons for contact details and links.

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    Sunday Oct 6

    Map of golf courses in the UAE

    Prepare to tee off: We bring you reviews, maps and contact details for golf courses in the UAE. Click and hold your mouse button on the map to move around the country and use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. Click on the icons for more details on the courses.

  • story 3
    Sunday Jul 31

    Map of UAE education highlights

    Your guide to the world of education. Click here to read more

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    Monday Feb 28

    Map of the UAE's spa highlights

    Your guide to spas, salons and all things pampering! Click here to read more

  • story 5
    Saturday Nov 20

    Map: UAE districts that need parks

    Although there are several green areas around the UAE, a Gulf News survey determined that most residential areas do not have parks for recreation. Here is a map at a few pressing areas that desperately need parks according to Gulf News readers.

  • story 6
    Sunday Nov 7

    Interactive: "Judaising" of Jerusalem

    Since Israel's establishment in 1948, its occupation of Jerusalem in June 1967, and subsequent annexation of the city in 1980, it has implemented policies that have shrunk the size of Occupied Jerusalem's Palestinian population as well as its Arab and Islamic heritage. The ongoing light rail project is just the latest in this steady entrenchment of Israeli control.

  • story 7
    Wednesday Aug 25

    Map of football stadiums in the UAE

    Your guide to the locations of stadiums of all the clubs in the UAE Football League.

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    Wednesday May 26

    Map of Sharjah power cuts

    Several residential areas were affected by power cuts this week. Here are some of the most affected localities.

    If you were affected by the power cut, please send us the exact location, time and duration of the power cut to

    Alternatively, you can also contribute to this map by plotting your exact location and time and duration of the cut. Click on the link below the map. Sign into your google map account and then click edit. Plot your location, with details of when, and how long the outage was for and then click save when you are finished.

  • story 9
    Wednesday May 19

    Map of Gulf News reporter in Thailand

    Gulf News Deputy Managing Editor Mick O'Reilly is in Bangkok, where violence between the army and anti-government protesters has escalated in recent days. We map out the areas he has been covering.

  • story 10
    Thursday Mar 4

    Interactive map: Seats in the 2010 Iraq elections

    Iraq elections: Breakdown of seats and candidates for the 2010 elections