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  • story 1
    Saturday Sep 20

    Bad at maths? It started in the womb

    Blame your mother’s hormone levels during pregnancy if you can’t put two and two together

  • Friday Sep 19

    ‘I would be a mollycoddling, overprotective mother’

    Our columnist reflects on the everyday ups and downs of being a modern woman

  • story 3
    Friday Sep 19

    Weight loss differs between men and women

    It’s not just because of the muscles and metabolism, but there are behavioural differences too

  • story 4
    Friday Sep 19

    Rich kids won’t have it easy

    Sting, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have huge fortunes but they don’t want their children to inherit it completely, instead they’ll have to break a sweat like all other youngsters

  • story 5
    Friday Sep 19

    How to make weight loss easier

    Strength training, meditation, and maintaining a food diary help you overcome the obstacles you face while trying to get back in shape

  • story 6
    Thursday Sep 18

    Uma: Celebrities offer charities more than money

    Apart from monetary support, stars can boost awareness of important issues and spur social change

  • story 7
    Thursday Sep 18

    Do you have social phobia?

    Are you terribly shy or self-conscious? You could be suffering from social phobia. Life coach Russell Hemmings shares more about it

  • story 8
    Friday Sep 12

    A musical night at Samaya Hotel

    A karaoke night with popular Arabic artists including Ragaa and Omar Belmir was held at the five star hotel

  • story 9
    Friday Sep 12

    Dubai’s French connection

    A screening of French film L’enfant d’en haut (Sister) was held at Alliance Française as part of the city’s Rendez-vouz Cinema

  • story 10
    Friday Sep 12

    Japanese female duo use music to inspire incarcerated

    After changing lives of many offenders with their moving lyrics, Megumi Ikatsu and Manami Kitao are now establishing a non-profit organisation that will help ex-inmates find jobs and housing

  • story 11
    Friday Sep 12

    Notes to self: Globetrotting writer Gaby Doman on how to beat stress

    Our columnist reflects on the everyday ups and downs of being a modern woman

  • Thursday Sep 11

    The Dubai Insider

    Join TV personality Uma Ghosh Deshpande every Friday as she seeks out new horizons and highlights some of the UAE’s most inspiring stories

  • story 13
    Wednesday Sep 10

    Trail run for health and fun

    XPRESS follows a group of UAE residents who, out of their sheer love of running, take to the UAE’s mountain trails and terrain every week

  • story 14
    Wednesday Sep 10

    Lady Gaga’s dog feasts on deer meat in UAE

    Queen of pop indulged pet French bulldog Asia with protein-packed meal, claims Dubai shop owner

  • story 15
    Wednesday Sep 10

    Know your phobia: Acrophobia

    In the first of a series, world-renowned life coach and hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings talks about phobias. This week, he tackles acrophobia or the acute fear of heights, as it is more widely known

  • story 16
    Tuesday Sep 9

    In pictures: A circus director’s record attempt with snakes

    Jo-Joo Circus director Jaromir Joo lays under some snakes during a record attempt at St James Square in Brno, Czech Republic. Three boa constrictors and two pythons, each of them having a length of around five meters and weighing together more than 500 kilograms, were laid on Joo.

  • story 17
    Tuesday Sep 9

    How to beat the bullies

    Peer pressure, bullying, dealing with failure… the negatives children have to deal with in school can overwhelm them and their parents. Life coach Sunaina Vohra outlines a few practical steps to keep them at bay.

  • story 18
    Saturday Sep 6

    Spotted! The UAE's trendiest men

    So you know your Zara from your Zegna, your Dior from your Diesel. But have you got the edge? tabloid!’s weekly men’s lifestyle page, The Directory, is scouring the town to track down the most trendy men in the Emirates. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us a full shot of yourself, include your name, profession, the brands you’re wearing and let our editors cast an expert eye.

    If your picture is selected, we’ll print it in The Directory, out every Sunday. Send your entries to

  • story 19
    Saturday Sep 6

    Notes to self: It’s time to book some flights

    Globetrotting writer Gaby Doman tells us why she is suddenly homesick

  • story 20
    Sunday Aug 31

    Watching film under a bridge over river Yamuna

    Rickshaw pullers, menial labourers and the homeless people enjoy Bollywood movies in a makeshift ‘cinema theatre’ under a bridge across the River Yamuna in Delhi, India

  • story 21
    Saturday Aug 30

    Notes to self: Globetrotting writer Gaby Doman on importance of breakfast

    The internet may have demoted the first meal of the day but our columnist finds out that staying hungry makes her grumpy and irritable

  • story 22
    Sunday Aug 24

    How to become a billionaire

    Hard work, passion and a bit of luck – the top 10 Indian Owners in the Arab world on Forbes Middle East’s 2014 list swear by these. They tell Shiva Kumar Thekkepat what sets them apart, and give us tips for joining the big boys’ club

  • Saturday Aug 23

    Notes to self: Is there more to life?

    I’m grateful, but there’s always that nagging question in my head, says our life columnist Gaby

  • story 24
    Saturday Aug 23

    Day-planning apps to healthier lifestyle

    Designed by game developers, they encourage people to incorporate activities such as meditation and spending time with friends and family into their day

  • story 25
    Saturday Aug 23

    How to get your inbox to zero

    E-mail should be a tool to help you — not a tyrant whose every whim requires a response

Lifestyle & Entertainment columnists
  • Russell Hemmings
    Life the Hemmings way

    Life coach Russell Hemmings on fears, anxieties and the human psyche demystified

  • Gaby Doman
    Gaby Doman: Notes to myself

    The everyday ups and downs of being a modern woman, according to this globetrotter

  • Uma Ghosh Deshpande
    The Dubai Insider

    TV personality Uma Ghosh Deshpande guides you through the city’s society gatherings and stories

  • Pratyush Sarup
    Design diary

    Dubai-based interior designer Pratyush Sarup lets us in on the world of design

  • Bharat Thakur
    Yoga for you

    Bharat Thakur guides you through practices and wisdom of this ancient science of exercising

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