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My Entertainment: Simon Reid

Scene chatted to Must Have Soul’s Simon Reid about his A-list crush and popping the question

Simon Reid
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Simon Reid's best UAE hangout is at 360º, Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Movies and music

Favourite film of all time? Star Wars
Favourite film seen in last month? Prometheus
Ultimate movie icon? Han Solo
Movie character you’d most like to play? Liam Neeson’s character in Taken
Favourite movie quote? “You looking at me?” Taxi Driver
Favourite movie snack? Magic Corn
Current favourite TV show? Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones
Last song downloaded? Sweet Life, Frank Ocean
Favourite band at the moment? Soil & “Pimp” Sessions
Song to be played at your funeral? Sounds Of Blackness, Optimistic
Best album of all time? Songs In The Key Of Life, Stevie Wonder
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Jump, Kris Kross


Favourite fashion capital? London
Favourite restaurant in the UAE? Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire
And what dish do you always order there? The Tasting Menu
Last book read? Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
Last thing you bought? My girlfriend’s engagement ring – she said yes!
Favourite holiday destination? Spetses, Greece
Favourite hotel (anywhere in world)? Zighy Bay, Oman
Best website?
Favourite celebrity hottie? Megan Fox
Best UAE hangout? 360º, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Personal motto? He who dares, wins
Word or phrase you most say? “You know”
Your signature cooking dish? Mushroom risotto