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New Mercedes: It's a van, man

Mercedes-Benz takes a break from rapidly expanding its car line-up to pay some attention to its van line-up as well

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  • Published: 10:18 February 5, 2012
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Mercedes Citan
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  • The name Citan comes from 'City' and 'Titan'.
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With its ever expanding line-up - soon to be joined by shooting brakes, superminis, and super efficient E-Classes - it seems you can’t possibly look at the Mercedes-Benz range and not find something to meet your needs. And that stands, even if you’re a plumber and your needs are a rough and ready van.

Now, Mercedes-Benz has set about expanding even its van line-up to include this Citan – we only have a sketch so far – which is an urban delivery vehicle, hence the name; ‘City’ and ‘Titan’ put together.

Designed in the company’s own styling centre, the Citan aims to be robust and durable, and meet the requirements of a wide range of customers with its large load compartment yet compact exterior dimensions.

Obviously, a car seeing such huge mileages during the course of its working day needs to be efficient, and Mercedes has taken care of that by offering a choice of drive systems plus diesel and petrol engines, including BlueEfficiency and an electric version.

Although it’s only a couple of sketches so far, the Citan is already green-lighted to go on sale around September, when it’s also due for an official reveal at a trade show in Hanover.

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