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Christopher Chong: My top men’s summer scents

The perfumer for Amouage picks his five top fragrances this season

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1. Creed’s Aventus.

Uncomplicated, light woody notes zapped with a faint trail of fruitiness make this an easy scent for the office. Elegantly blended for the gentleman who wants a scent that is non-challenging.


2. Dior’s Bois D’Argent.

This is an amazing scent evoking volumes of sophistication in a quiet and elegant manner that is very rare in the world we live in today. Perfectly blended wood with fresh florals, heightened to a surreal level of gorgeous resin notes, it is simply divine.


3. Neela Vermeire Creations’ Trayee.

One of the best perfumes suitable for both sexes in recent years. Masterly crafted, Trayee is confidently formulated with layers of sandalwood, incense and resins. So calming and spiritual, this fragrance has already won a place in the world as a great modern classic.


4. Roja Dove’s Fetish Pour Homme.

The fresh and citrusy opening is adorned with an interesting concoction of floral dominating notes such as ambergris, castoreum and leather into submission. This is a marvellous summer fragrance with an edge that lives up to its name.


5. Amouage’s Fate for Man.

Even in the summer heat one needs a potent, spicy and woody fragrance for that special moment that may come unexpectedly. This is not a fragrance, this is art.


* Christopher Chong is the creative director of luxury fragrance brand Amouage